Garth Badger / Director + Photographer, Thievery

“The thing about working with Jade is her true understanding of the creative process. Mixing commerce and creativity is always a tricky balance and no-one is better at connecting the two than Jade.”

Ally-Ann Mullin.jpeg

Sally-Ann Mullin / Editor, FQ

“Jade runs a slick and stylish operation. Always ahead of the curve in terms of innovation, she's regularly pitching creative and out of the box ideas to grab our attention and spread the messages of her clients.”


Sam Trevethick / Shapeshifter

"Jade is on a different level to all other Creatives we’ve worked with in our long career. Innovative and fresh. Every time our expectations are exceeded. She is beyond leading edge."

Ladi press shot.jpg

Ladi6 / Artist 

"Jade from RAW is such a natural presence, her relationship through our brand collaborations over the years has become more like a friendship. She connects artists and global brands, making working together on a project feel both natural and like a free expression of art that is both enjoyable and long lasting."

Jupiter Project.jpg

Jupiter Project / Managers + Artists

“Working with Jade is refreshing and empowering. We were able to push ourselves to the limit and achieve something that had never been done before - and the starting point for that is trust. We place a lot of trust in Jade and what she stands for and she repays that trust by giving us the tools we need to innovate. We're proud to not only call Jade a collaborator, but also a friend!”

Logan Dodds.jpeg

Logan Dodds / Adventurer + Influencer

"There's always an amazing vibe with what we do, I instantly feel comfortable. The seamless relationship between 'influencer' and content creator is a dream. Jade is always completely honest, transparent, and fully trusts me. The results are a reflection on the relationship with all content performing WAY about average... Even going viral! I couldn’t talk more highly of Jade and RAW, amazing person and company.”